Friday, June 24, 2011

New T-shirt Design

For this T-shirt I sewed a separate piece of fabric on to the shirt. The fabric was sewed, died, and screen printed by me. This new design gave me many new ideas for the future. I already have requests to make more of these shirts for customers.

Tall fitted Hoodie

1- Tall fitted hoodie with a zipper in the left hand side
This sweater was all sewn by me

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome to my Portfolio

This is my portfolio witch contains some of my work. Sorry, It is in a random order so here is a Table of Contexts if you wanna skip around
  1. Recent Invention
  2. Other Shirts I Sold
  3. What I am Selling in Local Stores
  4. Long fitted Hoody (Sewed)
  5. Red Jacket (Sewed)
  6. Few Sketches
  7. Some of My Up Coming Work
  8. Tie Dye Collection
*At the bottom of the page is some of the tie dying I have done in the past (all of the tie dying and screen printing is done by me)*

Thank you for Taking the time to look at my Portfolio My number is (616)970-1271 if you have any question

Recent Invention

This is the lighter leash that i sewed together and started selling. I figured that there is a niche in the market and decided to pursue it.

Other Shirts I designed and Sold

I designed and sold these shirts throughout Lake Tahoe area. The black shirt also came in reverse colors and t-shirts. The wording may be offensive but I design all my logos based on what the public is looking for and so far all of my designs sell out really fast.

What I am selling in local Stores

These are a few shirts I designed that being sold at a store in my area.

Long Fitted Hoody

This is a long fitted hoody I sewed from scratch. It Consists of two types of fabric
-Main body- Cotton on one side and fleece on the other
-Cuffs and bottom- Ribbed material
This sweater was designed for boys and girls. it can act as a comfy hoody dress for a girl and a long hoody for a guy.

Red Jacket

This is a Jacket that I sewed from scratch. It consists of three different types of fabric.
-The main body- Red canvas material
-Cuffs and Bottom- Ribbed Fabric
-Accents- badge material
I have taught my self how to sew and ever since i've been getting better

Few of My Sketches

These are a few sketches that I have been working on. Most of them I am still in the process of finishing. I have plenty more sketches in my note book that can be looked at upon request.

Some of My Up Coming Work

These are a few logos that I have designed for shirts. I have folders and folders of logos that I have created in the past. Every logo I create relates to a different trend or has a cultural meaning. I try to make all my work have a deep meaning and backgraoud.

My Tie Dye Collection

    These are a few Examples of the shirts I have made for customers. All of the tie dying and screen printing is done by me. This is some of my older work but still sells a lot today.